One of the exciting things that you can do during your free time is playing a cartomanti online game. This may sound hilarious to you, but yes, online games with fortune telling theme do exist. Now, I am going to describe to you three of the games that I know and have been playing since the time of my discovery.

cartomanti online Game Number 1 – Crystal Gazing
In this game, you will see a woman, usually called a medium on the screen. She isn’t going to do anything special for you though.

You’ll just see her eyes fixed into a crystal ball. In real life, occultists see the use of a crystal ball as an object for the medium to focus on during foretelling sessions. There are no images inside the ball that the medium is seeing.

Anyway, you will be asked there to write some questions that are answerable by yes or no. Every time you ask a question, the fortune teller will gaze into the ball and give you her answer. This is fun, especially if the she will tell you favorable answers most of the time.

cartomanti online Game Number 2 – Remembering Past Lives
Here, you will be asked to enter your birth date to begin the search for the details of your past life. No, it is not the times that you can remember. Rather, it will be the life of the person you were before your present life that will be shown. This is what we call the concept of reincarnation. Before you came to be in your present life, you were somebody else. I think this is good for people who would like to know themselves better. Of course, you don’t have to believe whatever results you see there. Just enjoy the fun.

Some websites prepare videos to scare off players so prepare to be challenged.

Fortune Teller Game Online Number 3 – Horoscope Game
Horoscope predictions – these are the ones we are most familiar with and they are now served online. However, the presentation of this game and the way one can play it is more of discovery rather than a play. It’s like you are looking in a magazine for the horoscope section and then reading the portion that talks about you. So it is not really that exciting doing this online, save for the good things that you can read about your future, your friends and other relationships, and maybe about your current job. Anyway, just for fun, try doing this game with your friends and turn this into a bonding moment.

More, More cartomanti online Games
There are still more online games with fortune telling theme that you can play during your spare time. There is a game there that predicts someone’s death’s date. You will not enjoy this unless you’re someone really unattached and not easily believing things. I didn’t try this one as I felt my end is something I shouldn’t play with. After all, cartomanti online game moments should be fun and not things to give us worries or problems.