Tarot of the Week: Heart Will Be Tested

A queen with sharp eyes. His hands held tight to a sword. Sitting gracefully. White dress dressing her body elegance.
In this week we will be faced with a situation that demands persistence in holding principles. Focus on the right thing. Not by violence, but with sincerity and determination.

Four of Swords

There are some unpleasant situations that we will face in this one week. Inevitably we have to live. If it feels tiring, do not need to be forced. Just rest. Pulling away from the hustle and bustle of busyness.

As described by the sleeping man. His left hand holds the book that is above his body. Shows if he’s still going to wake up and continue reading the book.

The High Priestess

This Tarot Card asks you to stick to the principles of truth in any situation. The Universe will support all that intend good. Leave it all to the Lord of the Life Owner.

The Tarot Reader

The figure behind Tarot of the Week is a Tarot reader who is domiciled in Yogyakarta. Women born January 16, 1979 is familiarly called Mbak Dewi Tarot.
Dewi Tarot knows Tarot card reading art since 2011. However, he started to become a professional Tarot consultant in 2012. He also actively filled out consultations in a number of cafes in Yogyakarta, such as Kamikoti Cafe, District Coffee, Knock Cafe, It’s Coffee, Home Cafe, Blackbone Coffee. Dewi has also been a resource person of the program “Tarot Sore-Sore” at I-Radio Yogya. Until now Dewi Tarot is still active as a professional Tarot consultant.

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