Palmistry Reading Meaning And Confidential Line Hand

Palmistry is a method of consultation, with particular reference to the handwriting. This science has been around for 3000 years and comes from India and China. In India is known as Hast Samudrika or Ocean of Knowledge. Mentioned so because through the hand line can be known valuable information in the form of several things such as finance, health, character, mate and others.

this science believes that some of the existing lines in the palm of the hand are the conditions of some brain centers. It is a reflection of the subconscious mind that forms the lines. Because these lines represent our minds, they are constantly changing, in keeping with the dynamic and changing harmony of our thoughts and our dynamic attitudes.

This means that the positive attitude we have will impact on a straight line that has a good meaning, while negative thoughts create the opposite effect. So it’s a lot of discourse circulating in our society to continue to keep positive thoughts, in the sense of the word can actually affect the path of one’s destiny.

Some people believe that the hand line is related to one’s fate and character. According to them, the hand is the tip of millions of nerve cells that are directly related to the brain. In the hands area there is a two-way impulse traffic, to the brain and from the brain. In terms of health traffic nerve impulse is often made in the media for treatment, such as massage or massage. Believed, from the palms of the hands all diseases can be cured at least minus.

Outline Outline Description


1. Venus Corset Line

  • No lines, Personality is well-controlled, calm.
  • Signed clearly, Emotional excessive, requires something stimulating and
  • The variations of Great Short are aware of the feelings of others
  • Blurred or dotted Too sensitive
  • Cutting the fate line and the sun line is Funny, talented
  • Ends on a mercury hill Has a large reserve of power, but has a tendency to be extreme
  • Tracing the sides of the hand, rather than half-shaped. Doubles, trepidation.

2. Via Lasciva (Milky Way)

  • Straight Restless, easily bored
  • Straight and long, reaching the mercury hill Speaker Fluent about dubious morality
  • Curved People who are hostile to themselves
  • Curved and begins inside the Venus hill Responding to everything is excessive.
  • People who are easily addicted – opium, alcohol etc.
  • The branch line reaches the Sun line Gifted into a rich person if the lines are not really touching. Financial loss as a result of a relationship (eg an expensive divorce settlement) if the line is crossed.

3. Rascettes (Bracelets)

  • Parallel and clear A healthy, prosperous, long and peaceful life.
  • The top like a Happy life chain after experiencing difficulties
  • The upper part curves into the palm of the hand in a woman’s hand May have difficulty in childbirth.
  • The line from the top to the Jupiter hill The journey is long and profitable.
  • The line from the top to the sun’s hill Travel to the hot climates
  • The line from the top to the mercury hill A sudden wealth. Line from top to moon hill Each line represents a journey

4. Hepatica (Health Line)

  • There is no strong and healthy physical line
  • Engraved in low immunity
  • Bumpy Digestive Problems
  • Bury Stamina is less Touching the line of life Requires extra health care at the time.

5. Mars Line (Lines of Life Dakhil)

  • If any can survive in the event of a disease or danger.

6. Line of Marriage

  • Visible clear Marriage or close relationship. Number of lines indicate the number of relationships.
  • Not visible Not a line indicates a less important romantic bond
  • Long and straight Relationships are long and happy
  • Disconnected Divorce or separation
  • Interrupted lines overlap Reassemble after parting, perhaps remarrying with the same person.
  • Dual Line Relationship with two people at the same time, the relative depth of this relationship is indicated by the strong line.
  • Curved down Longer than husband (wife)
  • Strong curve upward toward the base of the little finger Not married but not celibate.
  • Curve upward toward the sun line Marriage with famous or rich people if the lines are not really touching. If intersected, the marriage is not happy.
  • Starting with a Fork shape Delay or frustration at the beginning of a relationship.
  • Ends with Forks Divorce or separation forms
    Truncated lines originating from the base of mercury fingers Goodness of a relationship. Cut out Venus’s corset Unhappy marriage, a fussy spouse.

7. Commonly called Mars Hill (top)

  • When the physical form of normal Size Dare morally.
  • When his physical form is Flat, it does not overgrow he tends to be cowardly
  • because he is only interested in his own good
  • If the physical form is very large, excessive expansion bertempramen badm sarcastic, cruel mentally.

8. Commonly called Bukit Bulan

  • When the physical form of normal size he is sensitive, romantic and imaginative, artistic, may have great love at sea
  • When the physical form is flat, does not develop unimaginative, has no sympathetic, unstable, cold, hard stance
  • When the physical form is very large, overgrows Imaginative excessive, intropeksif, maybe not honest
  • When his physical form is Tall and hard he is a Leader who is volatile, irritable, wishy-washy
  • When his physical form Approaching the hill of Venus he is very passionate
  • When his physical form Approaching his wrist he is thought to have supernatural powers.

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